Text inserter

If you send many emails or write many papers then you know how frustrating it is to type the same text over and over again! Let this be a problem of the past with Autotext.

Simply create a list of commonly typed phrases and then paste them into your documents as you type, by entering the associated shortcut. You save time, work more effectively and type more accurately!

It works with all the other applications on your PC. Create text snippets to insert into your Microsoft Word documents, such as signatures orbusiness text. Huge amounts of text can be inserted by entering the abbreviation.

Create templates for text that you frequently type into web forms on websites. Autotext works with all internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.

Create a database of words that you find hard to spell and have them inserted correctly every time! No more embarrassing mistakes because that application or website you used did not have a spell checker.

Reduce the amount of key presses you make by using our software to automate as much typing as possible. This will reduce the risk of suffering RSI which something that concerns many workers who use computers regularly.

Our users love Autotext because it has been designed to be as easy to use as possible.

No need to enter complicated macro functions or cryptic code. Download the freeware now and see how much time you can save in a single day.